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Class 2 - London Transport Museum

On Thursday, Class 2 went to the London Transport museum in Covent Garden. On arrival at the museum the children had a quick lunch before exploring the different exhibits. There were lots to see and fun things to do. The children got to go on a range of trains and buses from different eras and had an insight into what future travel could be like. The children also had a look at horse drawn carriages and how they were the main modes of public transport until the 18th century.


Fun fact: Did you know there were over 1,000 tonnes of horse manure collected everyday from the streets of London?!


The children behaved fantastically, even with four hours on a coach.


Thank you to Mrs Horton, Mrs Wraight, Mr Bushell, Miss O’Brien, Miss Robinson, Miss East, Miss Baxter, Mrs North, Mrs Polley and Miss Lamb for accompanying the children for the day.