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Class 2 Visit to Chichester Harbour

“Our school trip was to look at all different habitats.  When we got there we went on a walk by the harbour.  On the walk we talked about the hedgerow and how birds make their nests inside.  Then we got to a kissing gate and soon after we stopped.  First my group lifted up some logs and we found some insects.  There were spiders, beetles, woodlice and centipede and it was called a mini-beast hunt.  We went to some signs that told us what birds eat.  My group did pond dipping and found an angry boatman because he kept on moving around, and a water skater.  Then we walked back to the classroom and enjoyed our lunch.  My favourite part was in the afternoon when I held a crab.”
By Alexander Stafford
“When we were eating our lunch we watched a film about habitats under the sea.  In the film there were two divers who lifted up seaweed and rocks to see what lived under them.  We saw starfish, crabs and other fish.  When we finished our lunch we were given trays and we were put in to groups of four.  In the trays we had crabs, seaweed, shrimps and rock.  I held a crab and it was tickly.  Then we went down to the sea to put everything back in the sea.  The thing I enjoyed the most was holding a crab.”
By Francesca Boon