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Class 3 - Fishbourne Roman Palace

“We had a fabulous day at Fishbourne Roman Palace.  To start with we got on a coach with our partners for 1 hour and 30 minutes journey.  We played games, chatted and fell asleep! When we arrived, we watched a small video clip about how Fishbourne was found.  It was really interesting.  Next we explored the beautiful Roman gardens, large, patterned mosaics and the museum where we spent £1 in the gift shop.  Then we went to get our lunch and ate together in a small room.  After a nice lunch, we went to the workshop where we met a lovely lady who taught us lots of things Romans did like weaving and writing on wax.  Fletcher and Darcy dressed up as a king and queen and Fleur was a slave for the lady, as were we!  It was a great day out.  We had so much fun and by the end everyone was exhausted”


By Ariyan & Isla-Rose