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Class 3 - Romans!

On Monday, Class 3 began their new topic, The Romans, with Mrs Pearce Mrs Polley and Mrs Chitty dressing up!  In class the children moved around five different activities to awaken their interest and learn some new skills…


  • Making a wreath using card, leaves and a stapler!
  • Colouring a picture of a Roman man, woman or soldier.
  • Using atlases to find towns in England that were Roman army Camps, ending in  -cester-caster -chester from the Latin word 'castrum'
  • News article from May 2019 where an extremely rare Roman coin was discovered whilst the A14 road was being upgraded.
  • Using a long handled paint brush to uncover tiny pieces of buried pottery to have an idea of archaeology


We had fun morning doing many things and we are ready and excited to learn more about how the Romans have influenced our lives and language.