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Class 3's Visit to Buster Ancient Farm

“I enjoyed my school trip.  We did 4 activities.  The first activity was how to make a flint wall and we had to line up in 2 lines 2 at a time. We had to go and get a big stone and put it down in 2 rows and then the next person had to do it.  You then had to get a small stone and place it in the middle.  The second activity was how to make Roman jewellery.  First you had to grab the end of the wire with pliers and twist the end and twist it until it is at the middle, then go back to the beginning and do exactly the same and that’s how you make Roman jewellery.  You can put it around your ear, finger or wrist.  The third activity was how to make a wattle fence.  You had to get a hazelnut brand and you had a partner and one person had to hold the end of a log and the other person had to weave the wood.  The next people had to do exactly the same, it was so fun.  And the fourth activity was under floor.  We looked at under floor heating.  It was dark so much but I liked it.  The final activity was how to make a mosaic so we went in to a Roman villa and we saw so many rooms and at the end we got to make a mosaic.  Everyone loved the school trip and I did too”  By Emma Searle

“I really enjoyed my school trip and loved doing all the activities.  I loved going in the round houses, it was really fun.  There were 4 activities.  The first one was making two lines of big flint then putting small flint in between the big ones.  The second activity was making jewellery bracelets, things behind your ears and rings.  We made them with metal wires and pliers and twisting the ends.  The third activity was wattling.   All you had to do was get a long stick of wood and go in and out of wooden posts and push them down as far as you can.  The last activity was understanding what under floor heating was like in the Roman days.  We also  make mosaics and it was really fun!”  By Evie Colegate