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Class 4 Residential

Class 4 had a lovely time at Minstead Study Centre earlier this week. They made lanterns, lit fires, kept ‘grombles’ alive, fed sheep and made felt from the wool, walked in the New Forest, listened to stories and sang songs round the campfire and ate lots of food! They learnt a lot about looking after the world they live in and about teamwork. Even the weather was on our side. Below is a recount of two of the activities written by Gabriella and Ed.

Ditch of Doom
As we struggled through the mucky ditch people were slipping and sliding. The ditch was not a normal ditch, it went up past our head. The size of it varied, it was big but then there was a bit where we all had to turn sideways to fit. At one moment Isabel said ‘what if I fell’ and at that second she slipped onto the cold uneven ground. We finished walking but still had to walk through a very deep puddle (that’s why we brought our wellies).
By Gabriella Williams-Gater

A Home for Gromble
At Minstead we had a very important job! We had to make a home for Gromble.  A Gromble is a creature that only children can see.  We made homes out of everything we found in the field.  The aim was to keep the Gromble alive by keeping it warm.  Our Gromble survived because it was kept warm. We used wood, dirt, hay, sticks and leaves.
By Ed Leigh-Smith