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Class 5 Visit to Herstmonceux Science Observatory

Class 5 enjoyed their visit to the Science Observatory before the half term break.

‘Herstmonceux was one of the best trips ever. The telescopes were incredible, they had some of the top 10 telescopes. We did lots of fun activities like bridge building, exploring some of the stations on the ground floor and doing some of the outdoor activities in the park and the waterpark. It was really fun’

By Rebecca Mallinson
‘Class 5 went to Herstmonceux and saw one of the top 10 biggest telescopes in the word. It weighed 6 tonnes and had a 6 tonne counterweight so that you could move it easily. The weather was not so good but we did things inside too. We did a two sided mirror, a touch reactive planet, a vacuum chair and a playdough catapult. We also went to the gift shop and built bridges. Many thanks to Mrs Hobday and Mrs Henderson for coming.
By Dominic Asprey