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Class 5 Visit to Herstmonceux

There were lots of hands on exhibits.  The first hands on exhibit had a machine that you would pick a colour of plastic and some letters and it would melt the letters into your plastic.  It looks so cool.
After that we had lunch and then went to the discovery park.  It had a boat that you had to balance when you stood on it! 
Then we went to the water play and there was a lot of water!  There was a big machine that everyone was helping to power.  Finally we went to the shops that had a lot of crystals and some mood rings.
By Jasmine FitzHenry
There were lots of things to do at Herstmonceux Science Observatory like:  the hands on inside exhibit, telescope tour, discovery park, shop and the water play area but overall my favourite was the discovery park.
By Scarlett Hollister