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Class 6 - Challenge Week

In Investigations week we discovered Brainolagy. We learnt that the brain is like a muscle, because it expands every time you learn something new. As you probably already know, if you go to the gym for a while your muscle will expand, but, say if you don’t go for a month, the muscle will shrink. The brain has the same principal. So the brain can shrink, like a muscle, if you stop learning it will shrink. We also learnt that there are branches and cells in our brains and when the brain expands the cells and branches will multiply. Therefore, the brain is growing stronger and larger in size and has more learning experience.

On Monday we had a challenge called Pentominoes! In Pentominoes we had to make different designs with squares on the squared piece of paper. The only rule is that every side of the square has to be touching another. On Thursday we did an investigation on skittles and how they would change in a pot of water for 20 minutes but we had to predict, so draw what we predicted. Next, we had to add water to the pot. We identified what happened after the first experiment and so we repeated this two more times to see if they do the same thing again. Which they did. We also found out things we weren’t sure about like… What colour disappeared first or if the S will come up to the top if we turn it around. After that we drew a final picture of what the skittles looked like and what the water looked like in the pot. In Art we had to do a challenge, where we had to have 2 colours and we had to colour in different shapes but there was a rule that we were not allowed to colour in a colour, next the exact same colour. 

By Amy and Lewis Class 6