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Class 6 - Science Lesson

“On Wednesday, Mrs Pearce got a sheep's heart from Flanagan's Butchers.  Early this morning we got into groups.  Each group studied a sheep heart each.  We discovered loads of facts - we saw the fat, which was hard, we saw a valve that looked like a parachute. When we put our fingers through the hole on one side it went right through, then on the other side the valve stopped it.  It was really fun”.  -  By Starsky


“On Wednesday morning, Mrs Pearce and Mrs Pitt dissected a lambs heart from Flanagan’s Butchers for our science lesson.  I found it very exciting.  I mostly enjoyed looking at the valves in the heart, it was very interesting as I have never seen a real heart before. Once we put gloves on we had the ability to touch the thin muscle and the thick muscle and looked at the veins and arteries”.   - By Sarah


“In year 6 we have done a lesson about the human heart. On Wednesday, Mrs Pearce went to Flanagan's Butchers in Crawley Down to pick up two fresh lambs hearts to bring to school.  Mrs Pearce and Mrs Pitt got some gloves on and showed the class about the arteries, veins, vena-cava and ventricles.  We learnt about how the heart pumps blood all through the body.  After the explanation, we got some gloves on and we had a feel.   One of the sides was soft, the other was hard.  I really enjoyed my science lesson”  - By Annabel