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Crew Trainers

This week our Class 5 crew trainers attended a training session at Imberhorne Upper school. This is what Daisy and Harry T had to say.


“On Wednesday, Class 5 crew trainers went to a training event at Imberhorne Upper school.  At the start we did some warm up games.  Some of our favourites were the ABC game, chaos tag and toilet tag.  Then we got split into 4 groups of 3 and went off to do our different activities.  Our favourite activities were multi-skills and curling. In multi-skills our group were given a game card which we had to make, we were then give the task of improvising and adding more and in curling we were put in groups with other people we didn’t know.”


Thank you to Mrs Polley for accompanying the children for the morning and to Mrs Freear and Mrs Lacey for transporting them.