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Enterprise Week

The week beginning the 9th June was Enterprise Week at Felbridge. The whole school spent the week making things to sell at our Enterprise Market which was open to parents and families on Friday afternoon. Each class had to plan what to make, what they would need, how much it would cost and how much they should sell it for to make a profit.  During an Enterprise assembly, classes were able to ‘pitch’ for their product.
School was a hive of activity all week involving a lot of art and craft work as well as significant amounts of cooking!
On Friday, the hottest day of the year, everyone was involved in setting up the market and then selling, once the market opened. Class 4’s homemade lemonade was particularly popular in the heat!
Overall Enterprise Week made an amazing profit of £870! Well done to everyone.
Classes made the following:
Class R                  Decorated jars to hold a candle
Class 1                  Decorated plant pots with a flower
                             Elephant ornaments
                             Watering cans
Class 2                  Mosaic tile coasters
                             Printed tea towels
Class 3                  Tie Dyed bags
                             Homemade burgers
Class 4                  Decorated photo frames
                             Homemade Lemonade
Class 5                  Fridge magnets
                             Key rings
                             Cup cakes
Class 6                  A variety of sweets

Here are some photos of the afternoon – please look on the class pages for further photos.