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Football Tournament

“Yesterday a group of year 5 and 6 children went to play football against other local schools at the East Grinstead Sports Centre. In our first game against Baldwins Hill, we were unlucky to lose 1-0.  We really tried hard to get a win or draw but Baldwins were really good.  Gemma was so close to making us level but it just wasn’t our game. 

Things took a turn for the better in our second match against Crawley Down when Gemma turned things around with an amazing strike which went through the keepers legs giving us a 1-0 win. Our team celebrated the victory, it was a massive win and meant a lot to us.

We had a really good start in our last match against Escots.  About a minute into the game, with amazing passes from Joshua and Toby, Gemma tapped the ball into the goal with ease.  The second goal was scored as a result of a handball penalty from Escots, their defender accidentally caught the ball! Gemma took the penalty, it came in off the crossbar, we went wild. Our 3-0 win came from a final goal that Gemma hammered into the top corner of the goal.  Just after this, Franklin made an astonishing save!

We would never have done it without any of the players.  I hope next time we achieve the same result.”

By Toby, Sophie and Joshua

Go team!! What an amazing result this week!!

Thank you to the parents who helped to transport the children to the tournament.