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Georgraphy Themed Week

In school this week we have been learning about different parts of the world through Geography themed week.  In Class 6 we have been learning about North (and South!) America.  Specifically the Grand Canyon in Arizona and taught how it was formed by the Colorado River and how the river eroded different layers of rock.  Harrison and Isabella from Class 1 told us about the British Isles: “We have been learning mainly about Wales and Scotland.  In Scotland there is a tale about the Loch Ness Monster who swims in the lake and we enjoy what we are learning”.  Millie from Class 3 told us about the world: “We have been doing flags of the world.  We mainly did Russia and a little bit of Poland.  The tallest mountain is Mount Everest and we also looked at famous land marks”.  We hope everyone enjoyed Geography themed week and learnt a lot.
By Beatrix Furbank and Stalla Xystra—Class 6