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History Workshops

“The history workshop was enjoyable because we learnt lots of historical things such as there were different periods of time like the Palaeolithic  times and Neolithic times and they are times in the Stone Age.


We learnt about the different houses people used to live in at those times.  They used thatch for the roofing in Stone Age times.  In Stone Age times everyone had to work, even children.  The best thing about the workshop were the different periods.


By Frankie and Henry—Class 3


“The lady who came was called Athena, she is a Greek god and taught us a lot about the ancient Greeks.


We enjoyed the ten second pictures because some of them were quite funny.  The only thing that we didn't know was that women weren't allowed to compete in the Olympics.”


By Katie and George—Class 4


Class 5 have really enjoyed learning about the Stone Age this week. They had a great time in their drama workshop on Monday learning all about the different parts of the Stone Age. Then on Wednesday, they created their own Stone Age inspired cave paintings, using sticks and leaves to paint with!