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Jaguars - Junior Citizen

On Tuesday, year 6 attended the Junior Citizen Event at Lingfield Race Course.  This is what some of the children had to say about the morning.

Year 6 went on a school trip to Lingfield Racecourse.  We learnt about health and safety and the phone numbers for different emergencies.  My favourite was the train service because I learnt that when the train hits the brakes it takes 20 football pitches to stop”  Isla-Rose

“We went to Lingfield Racecourse for a Junior Citizen talk for how to be a responsible kid. We met lots of different people with lots of different jobs, all with talks for us too.  One of my favourites was the transport police.  They asked us lots of questions, it was lots of fun”  Amber

“On Tuesday we went to Lingfield Racecourse for the morning and learnt about our safety.  We split ourselves into two groups and went around the rooms to learn how to keep safe at the beach, when you see a fire or on the train tracks.  We finished the morning with a quiz about what we had learnt”  Nevaeh

“This week we went to Lingfield Racecourse to do health and safety junior citizen course with people such as the RNLI, railway safety team, the gas works and electrical safety—they were my favourite.  We learnt a lot and we will certainly be more safe in certain scenarios”  Finley S