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Leopards (2) Amberley Museum

“Yesterday Leopards Class went to the Amberley Transport Museum on two minibuses! First of all we went to a printing through the ages shop. I was so surprised because the printers used to be massive! Next on the agenda was a train ride to the top of the museum site. We even had to get tickets for the train!” Mickey

“Then we split into two groups and saw buses and a wheel. It was so fun. We also looked at the similarities and differences between old and new buses and had to guess which was the oldest, I got it right! Then we got to ride on the open top buses as well. We had to wear hats because that's what people did in the olden days. I was a bit scared, because it felt so high, but it was actually quite fun”. Bella

“After that we had lunch, it was so yummy. Next we explored the site in our groups. In the electricity section the man gave a voltage display. He showed us 3 different types of electricity. The tesla coil was 500,000 volts! Finally we got back on the mini buses and came back to school”. Beau N

A massive thank you to Mrs Pellet, Mrs Pavitt, Mrs Nicholas and Mrs Ellis for accompanying the children.