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Leopards - Ashdown Forest Visit

Leopards Class had an amazing time at the Ashdown Forest Centre on Tuesday, learning all about the Stone Age. We looked at Stone Age artefacts (considering all of the uses for the flesh, skin and bones of the animals that would have been hunted!), practised our stalking/hunting skills (the deer would definitely have heard us coming!), jumped in muddy puddles, learnt about edible plants (the pine needles that we picked were brewed into a tea, which we all had a taste of at lunchtime!), had a snooze on Stone Age beds of heather and built Stone Age shelters - all against the beautiful backdrop of the North Downs. Despite getting rained on a few times, we all had a brilliant day and learnt loads. Thank you to the parents that helped on our trip and the fabulous staff at the Ashdown Forest Centre.