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Macaws Class (5) and Jaguars Class (6) Egyptian Workshop

Last Thursday, Macaws and Jaguars enjoyed a fantastic Ancient Egyptian workshop. They were greeted by Ari, an Egyptian scribe who taught them about various aspects of Ancient Egyptian life. 


Children have written what they enjoyed from the day:

Egyptian Games– We played two Egyptian games called Mancala and Senit.  They were hard to begin with but when you got the hang of it, it was quite easy– Breanna

Mummification– Ari showed us how to mummify a deceased body.  The worst bit was when he pulled the heart out by mistake, that was gross!- Heidi

City Builder– One of the workshops was City Builder, where you had 4,000 coins and you had to build a city with that money.  Then there were several world events and if you had a certain building you got points.  Whoever had the most points wins– Toby

Class 5 and 6 were treated to a day of topic fun! A man called Ari came in and both the classes did an artefact investigation.  We learnt about the Royal Boat, Cleopatra and how the Egyptian special colour is turquoise.  It was really interesting and we learnt so much!- Fleur, Neveah and Christian

On Thursday 30th September class 5 and 6 had a workshop with a man called Ari and we did hieroglyphics on real papyrus with a reed pen.  We wrote in hieroglyphics, “my name is … and I am learning to be a scribe” for our ancient Egyptian workshop.  We used papyrus, reed pens, black ink and a hieroglyphics stencil it was loads of fun!?- Isla-Rose, Fletcher and Sophie