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Our Amazing Week! Class 3 and 4

Class 3 and 4 had a wonderful day on Wednesday, we had a real Viking, Bjorn, visit Felbridge to teach us about Viking life. The adults and Bjorn were very impressed with the children’s behaviour and engagement in the day. Well done Class 3 and 4, we were all very proud of you.

My Viking day was great. My favourite part was when I got to be a rich person and a doing a war. The man’s name was Bjorn. I got to put on real metal helmets, they were heavy. We got to hold the chainmail. I watched people hold it and I know it was heavy because when people held it, their faces went red and some people couldn’t even pick it up, I could though. I had a fun day - India

First the Viking man got us to do a Viking name, nickname and a Viking job. Then we ground some wheat and it turned into flour. We looked at some cup, horns, spoons and antlers. Then we looked at Viking necklaces and put them on. We tried on helmets, they were a bit heavy, then lifted chainmail, it was so heavy. Finally we learnt some moves and that was our Viking day - Sophie

My Viking day was so fun. My favourite part was when the Viking person Bjorn taught me how to make a shield wall, that is where you put each shield together to protect sword people. The last thing I couldn’t really do was to pick up the chainmail shirt. Two other things I really loved with Bjorn is I played Viking games, one game was exactly like noughts and crosses but on the lines and no drawing. The other game is you have to put what Vikings eat and not eat. The other thing I carried, held and wore were two Viking helmets and an axe - David

My favourite part of the day was the shield wall and learning about the Viking jobs. I really liked when we had to write our name in runes because we also got to choose our Viking names. We also had a go at guessing what foods Vikings would of ate. I was surprised when Bjorn said that they didn’t eat potatoes! It was fun when we learnt about the Battle of Hastings - Fleur

My favourite part of the day was writing out our certificates, making flour, playing games and seeing necklaces. I really like writing out our certificates because we picked out cool Viking names and also amazing jobs. I really liked making flour because it was crazy how just spinning wheat into pieces makes flour. I really liked playing games because it’s quiet fascinating how their games are quite similar to ours. I really liked seeing all the beautiful necklaces and putting them on because all their necklaces are made of wood unless they are really rich - Nevaeh