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Our First Day in our New Classes - Class 6

“When I first stepped into Class 6, I immediately felt older. I feel so happy to be in Class 6, like I was meant to be here all along. I really enjoy the hard work and the new diaries. It was wonderful to see all my friends, I told them all about my holiday. Erin was new in our class and now she's one of my best friends! It feels so good to be the oldest in the school, everyone looks up to Class 6. I'm looking forward to Reading Partners, the Isle of Wight and the Chequer Mead play”.     Charlotte


“My first day in Class 6 was very exciting. I was very nervous at first but I soon got used to the classroom and the learning. It was nice seeing my friends for the first time and telling them all about the things that I did in the summer. It felt extremely strange being the oldest in the school and there are so many responsibilities!     Anna