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Race for Life

Race for Life

Wow! What a wonderful morning we have had raising money for Cancer Research UK and to support Joshua. Everyone came out ready to go the distance; we had runners, walkers, a bit of skipping, but however we chose to complete our six laps, every step counted! Lots of children weren’t satisfied with six laps and decided to carry on; each bubble was also ably supported from the sidelines by cheers and banners from the other bubbles, meaning we really felt like we were together as a whole school again.

We will announce the full total next week, but we do know that we already have well over £2000 and that’s even before we’ve counted the paper forms that have been coming in.  Money raised can be sent in with your forms, or paid directly into the fundraising website . Please send in any money collected together with sponsorship forms by Thursday next week.

Well done and thank you to everyone who ran, fundraised or donated—your support has been absolutely phenomenal.